Thursday, January 16, 2014

Put a Little Zest in Your Life!

Just a small bit of background with a riddle:

What does a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Double Minor in Foreign Languages (French and Japanese) and University Honors do? 

He creates a blog! 

I have a love of fine food and international culture. It is my goal to share my love of global living, good food, and amazing discoveries with good people like you! 

I found this inspiration while shopping with my aunt at our local international grocery store and coming across a Tajine, a North African cooking dish that I had never seen before.

I aspire to be the type of guy who hosts an eight-course dinner with five different forks and then run out and grab Taco Bell the next day. 

Come with me! Let's discover and put a little Zest in our lives! 


John 3:16-17

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